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Spoil our favorites? Of course!

What better way to see the little treasure relaxed, happy and well-kept?

Since we were always dissatisfied with the things we could find for our dogs, we decided to develop our own products. The dog cave is just the beginning 🙂 We will be happy to keep you up to date as soon as there is something new.

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The team behind




Our Prince Charming is now grown up, but always for wild rages, races and swimming! He likes to lie soft, warm and cuddled in order to rest from his energetic Vizsla life.







Our whirlwind is hard to beat. Sofa, couch table, tree trunks, woods and meadows can not stop this sweetness in their youthful madness. A girlfriend for Jiggar! To recharge her batteries, she likes to lie in her cave.






Industrial designer and product manager at Snuggle Dreamer, who loves her Jiggar above everything else and thinks that the most faithful companion peoples can have are dogs. “Jiggar spoiled? Right! ”

Sanaz is always looking for optimization and new beautiful products for the dog world.









The Brain at Snuggle Dreamer. He is creative, but also a realist and therefore the best one you can have for teamwork and marketing! He always has new ideas and suggestions for improvement, he is a maker. The quiet and relaxed “Dad” for Bess.