Payment in advance / Invoice
The order confirmation gives you all relevant information about your order, as well as our bankaccount information for the payment. Please simply transfer the total amount with your order/invocie number. After payment we will start processing your order.

Account owner we. GmbH
IBAN: DE19 5066 1639 0100 5330 33
Bank: VR Bank Main-Kinzig-Büdingen e.G.


After you have selected PayPal as a payment method, you will be redirected to the PayPal page after completing your order. Here you just have to send your payment. After receipt of a confirmation by PayPal, we will ship your order.


Discount code / Voucher
If you wish to redeem a voucher or discount code, simply follow these steps:

1. Select the item you want and put it into the shopping cart.
2. Go to “Your Cart” and type in your code
3. Go to “Checkout” and complete the order process.

For technical reasons, a maximum of one voucher / discount code per order can be redeemed. If you would like to redeem several vouchers when placing an order, simply write an e-mail to After the order has been completed, you will receive an e-mail with the value of your remaining credit. Payment of the balance is not possible.

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